Wines of Bolivia









Bolivia is the country of so many different landscapes, cultures, wildlife. And something many people don’t know is that Bolivia is one of the best kept secrets of viticulture in the world. It has not only the oldest vineyards but also the most authentic ones.”

The delegation of the Institute of Masters of Wine of England that visited Bolivia, got an excellent impression of national wines, to the point that ‘Único’ and ‘Esther Ortiz, from the Campos de Solana winery, next to ‘Icono Malbec’ de Kohlberg’, were considered among the best in their respective categories.






It is a pleasant surprise to understand that all Bolivian vineyards are located at altitudes in the range of 1,600 to about 3,000 meters above sea level (5,000 – 10,000 feet above sea level). Bolivia may very well be considered the country with the highest area of vineyards in the world. In 1993, after discovering the subtle differences in wine quality due to different altitudes, the wine sector in Bolivia developed the concept of “Vinos de Altura”, an attribute that positions Bolivian wine as a unique product in the world.

“I have been so impressed with the developments in the wine sector in Bolivia the past years! So many things are happening; from expansion of vineyards to modernizing wineries to implementing eno-tourism plans. And not to forget, the exciting new award winning wines which have been and will be introduced to the market soon!”
Cees van Casteren : consultant, wine writer and freelance journalist.

During this tour you will visit this best kept secret, during an interesting day visiting various wineries.
Like Campos de Solana, Singanis Casa Real, among others.
The second part of this full day trip is a visit some tipical villages of Tarija.

Ofcourse also half day trips available.

Hrs. 09:00 Visit “Campos de Solana”
Hrs. 10: 00 Visit “Casa Real”
Hrs. 11:00 Visit “Canyon of La Angostura”
Hrs. 12: 00 Visit “Old House”
Hrs. 12:30 pm Return to Tarija
Hrs. 13:00 LUNCH
Hrs. 14:30 Visit “San Jacinto”
Hrs. 15:30 Visit “Coimata”
Hrs. 16:30 Visit “San Lorenzo”
Hrs. 17:30 Return to Tarija
Hrs. 18:00 END OF OUR SERVICES !!!