Toro toro with Umajalanta Eco – lodge Recommended

This option is the classic Toro toro national park trip with El Mundo Verde Travel, with the only difference that we will not stay in a hotel in the village of Toro Toro but in the stunning Umajalanta ecolodge.
This Umajalanta ecolodge is an adaptation mechanism to face the effects of climate change and has a core mission that includes providing benefit to the families of our community of Huayra Q’asa, the reduction of poverty, as well as biocultural conservation.
Staying in this ecolodge is definitely an unforgettable experience: silence, fresh and clean air, an absence of light pollution and spectacular surroundings all make Refugio Los Volcanes one of the best star gazing locations in Bolivia. The Milky Way is often clearly visible and with a bit of luck you can see shooting stars.!!!!!
Enjoy a freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner at the lodge over looking the Toro Toro valley – where there are typical dishes available like Silpancho and Pique Macho.
The stunning views from your lodge over the Toro Toro valley make this stay an unforgettable and unique experience in Bolivia.