Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats 1 Day

Expedition Salar and Lakes.

El Mundo verde Travel

Today we spend an amazing day on 12.000 km² of wonderful landscapes of salt.It takes us to one of the highlights of Bolivia and entire South America: Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt-desert in the world.

Surrounded by impressive volcanos, 40.000 Years ago, lake Minchin was located here. When it dried, it left behind a layer of salt that can be up to 20 meters deep. The amazing salar and impressive surrounding landscapes make this site unforgettable. The reflecting and disorienting effects allow for interesting photographing.

The first sights of the salt flat will definitely be unforgettable. We’ll enter the Salar from Cochani where a small salt-factory can be visited. On the actual Salt Flat where we visit the eyes of the water and the Salt Hotel. From there we continue the tour, over the Salar, towards the impressive Thunupa volcano. The 4×4 will climb up the hill to take us to a site where mummies are found and also provides a amazing view over this amazing landscape that stretches till the horizon! Crossing the Salar will bring us to the village of Tahua where lunch is served in the comfortable Tayka Salt Hotel.

In the afternoon, a stopover at Isla Incahuasi, an island in a salt-lake, allows us to follow a small path to the top of the island providing an amazing 360° panorama view. He we’ll also find stromatolites, layered accretionary structures formed in shallow water providing some of the most ancient records of life on Earth.

Finally, we will drive towards the salt mounds which allows us to take wonderful photos of a sunset over the Salar. Our final destination is Uyuni, to look bak on a amazing tour to the beginning of the world one will not easily forget.