Rafting adventure & Carrasco national park

The spectacular Chapare region stretches out beyond the last peaks of the Andes into the dramatically different landscape of the upper Amazon Basin, where lush, moist rainforest replaces the dry, barren mountains. The contrast is breathtaking on the spectacular road between Cochabamba and Villa Tunari (around 4 hour drive), where twists around the high peaks and mountain lakes drop steeply into deep, steaming tropical valleys until we reach Villa Tunari and our amazing hotel de selva el puente.

This adventure is possible in 1 full day, but also in 2 days – 1 night. We will stay one night in hotel de selva el puente.

Chapare El Mundo Verde Travel

We will go Rafting on the best River for this activity in Bolivia, The Espiritu Santo. We do this with a highly experienced team of Rafters, “Bolivia Rafting” which organize Raft tours since 2001 and seeks all international safety efforts. We also do the amazing Zipline over the river, the cable goes from one side to the other and is 250 and 170 meters long, on the other site awaits us a short hike and a rapel of 30 meters from the canopy of a tree! After this trip we visit the Carrasco National Park”, where a wide variety of biodiversity can be found in the differences in heights. We will enjoy amazing rainforest lanscapes and make a great hike of about 2/3 hours through the jungle to arrive at the Guacharo cave. The Guacharo is a night bird that only occurs in Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela and Colombia. We will also enter caves with different bats like insectivores and Vampire bats.


Perfect for nature lovers, the Carrasco National Park offers beautiful sceneries of lush vegetation, waterfalls and mountains. It also features Inca Ruins, caves and more than 5,000 different plant species. The park is home to many different wild animals including Andean bears and jaguars. The park is a haven for bird enthusiasts because it offers hundreds of bird species like the popular oil bird or Guacharo, which makes nests in caves throughout the park.