Pinky Lakes, Madidi Travel 3 days – 2 nights

Day 1

10:00 AM Check in. We start at this time to give you the opportunity to arrive in the day’s first flight. Present your voucher, deposit extra luggage in storage (we

recommend you travel light and leave valuables in town), receive your water, make sure you have all you need and make last minute purchases.

11:00 AM Boat departs. You will navigate from the last foothills of the Andes into the varzea (floodplain) forest in the headwaters of the Amazon. We take

advantage of the breeze from the speed of the boat to have you enjoy the hottest hours of the day viewing the transition. You might see the camps of Bolivia’s last nomads, and evidence of the mining activities and extraction of fine woods from these incredibly biodiverse forests. You may also see capibaras, caimán, turtles, sloth, and a variety of birds.

1:00 PM Lunch on the boat.

2:00 PM Arrival at Serere.

Enjoy this 2 Km. Walk to the cabins and main lodge. There is so much to see that it is best to get started focusing on one variety, such as the vines.

3:00 Check into your cabin and get settled, freshen up, and start getting used to being a part of the forest as you observe it from your screened in cabins

where you become the object of curiosity for the animals.

4:00 PM Walk the 400 meters to the Casa Grande (main lodge) where you will meet your guide and the rest of your group. You will be shown around the main

lodge to see the facilities you can enjoy. You will also be able to see some of the animals that have been rescued and are in the process of re-insertion

(macaws, tapir, capibara, monkeys, and others.)

4:30 PM Walk to the Information Center where you can learn about the reserve and our work in the Madidi Mosaic. Continue with a walk through our trails

looking for animals and learning about the uses of the forest.

6:30 PM Enjoy the sunset at the port of San Fernando lake.

7:30 PM Dinner at Casa Grande.

8:30 PM Meeting with your group and guide to share what your main interests are so that your guide can better focus on what you wish.

This is followed with a short night walk looking for insects, amphibians, and other night life.

Day 2

8:00 AM Breakfast (fruit salad, granola, yogurt, pancakes or similar local food, eggs, breads)

9:00 AM Boat trip Lake San Fernando / Pinky Lake Navigate accross lake San Fernando viewing the birdlife (approximately 300 varieties of birds exist in Serere) and other animals using the lake. Get off at the port at the other end of the lake and begin your walk to Pinky lake. In this walk you will pass near a mud lick, through low flooded forest, and through high forest. You may see a variety of monkeys, turtles, wild boar, coati, and others.

Noon Arrive at Pinky lake. You will prepare and have lunch and relax a bit waiting for the afternoon to cool off. You will then get on a canoe to explore the lake and fish for piranha.

Walk returning to San Fernando lake (aproximately 2 hours).

6:00 PM Navigate back to Casa Grande. You will be able to observe the bats flying

over the lake among other animals.

7:30 PM Dinner which could include the piranha you caught.

8:30 PM Navigate on San Fernando lake to look for caiman.

Day 3

5:30 AM Depending on the season meet at Casa Grande to begin bird walk and search for howler monkeys.

8:00 AM Breakfast

9:00 AM Making handicrafts Learn how to make rings, necklaces, or others with the seeds you gathered during your walks.

If you wish you can walk on your own on the wide trails. This is a special experience that tends to re-energize one.

Noon Lunch

1:00 PM Walk to the port

2:15 PM Board the boat to return to Rurrenabaque. You will observe different animals along the way, and the afternoon lighting should be favorable for good photos.

5:30 PM Arrival in Rurrenabaque.

Services included:

  •  Transfer IN/OUT Rurrenabaque / Serere / Rurrenabaque
  •  Accommodation in cabins
  •  Full Board
  •  Local guide (English speaking or Spanish speaking with English translator)
  •  Activities
  •  Reserve entry fee

Services NOT included:

  •  Air ticket La Paz / Rurrenabaque / La Paz
  •  Transfers IN/OUT in La Paz
  •  Beverages (alcoholic beverages&sodas)