Lakes of the Pirhuata massive.

You will be picked by one of the El Mundo Verde Travel guides! Quickly the landscape will change as we drive into the Tunari mountain range. On our journey we will see beautiful waterfalls, Andean lakes, farmland encountering indigenous communities, typical of the Andes landscapes.

8 Kilometers from the stunning mount Tunari in the Cochabamba mountain range, we have another beautiful option available! A region very unknown by hikers and other visitors, this is an incredible option if you already know the Pico Tunari.

We travel by car to lake Tayto where we will have a typical breakfast and a coca tea will be served! We start hiking and pass by some typical Andean housing on our way. After about one hour of walking way up, we reach 2 lakes, the first is Thajsu Pata, and the second is Tara Khocha. You will be surprised by its beauty. (4540 meters)

We will enjoy the spectacular views around these natural Andean lakes, and have a good opportunity to see the Andean Condor flying around, we will hike to a stunning waterfall which in Winter is completely frozen.

Enjoy the silence, the clean air, a special place, surrounded by high mountain walls.

We also have a view at the 5060 meters high mountain called Pirhuata.

Our Trekking will be guided by one of El Mundo Verde Travel’s lead guides. Our guides have traveled extensively in this mountain range and know the Bolivian Andes intimately. Their knowledge of Andean culture as well as the mountains, combined with their passion for teaching others to become competent adventurers, guarantees that your experience will be one to remember!

At the lake we will enjoy our lunch, you’ll have plenty of time to walk around and take pictures before we head back to Cochabamba.