Booking Conditions

Please read our Cancellation and refund policy below. By making a booking you are excepting these conditions.

1. If a tour or booking is cancelled or we could not confirm the booking then we will provide a full refund. We cannot do international bank transfers.

2. If you cancel a tour, hotel or transport booking we will do our best to give you a full refund but will deduct any costs incurred by ourselves from the refund. These amounts depend on the tour/hotel/transport, the amount of notice given and the provider cancellation policy.

We reserve the right to apply the following penalties in the event of a tour cancellation:

i.30 days or more notice –  10%  of total paid

ii.7 days to 48 hours notice –  20%  of total paid

iii.48 hours to 24 hours notice 30% of total paid

iv.Less than 24 hours notice 100% of total paid

The above penalties are designed to cover us in case we have booked service with third parties and would be liable for paying these third parties. We rarely apply these penalties and try to give a full refund whenever possible. If you require further clarification or details for specific products or service please email us and request prior to booking.

3. Cancellations can only be processed during office hours but can be requested via email.

4. Should any penalty be applied and the cancellation was due to illness, family bereavement or other unavoidable circumstances we can provide receipts and confirmation letters for insurance claim purposes upon request.

5. For the safety of our customers we reserve the right to cancel trips at our discretion. In such cases a 100% refund will be given for tours.

6. El Mundo Verde Travel are not responsible for penalties applied by airlines and bus companies should you cancel or change your ticket. Train tickets are non refundable.

7. El Mundo Verde Travel are not responsible for any fees applied by your bank or card issuer or losses due to  differences in exchange rates between original transaction date and date of refund.

8. If tours are missed, cancelled or delayed due to weather conditions, civil protests, blockades and political demonstrations or other situations beyond our control, refunds will be at El Mundo Verde Travel discretion and any penalties applied will be directly in proportion to El Mundo Verde Travel costs or losses.