Preparing your Journey

Enter the country. Valid passport with at least 6 months validity after departure. Upon entering you will immediately receive a 30 days visa, it is not necessary to arrange this in advance. This information may change, the latest changes please contact the consulate in your home country.

Baggage. For your convenience we recommend to pack as light as possible and bring only what is necessary for your trip. In the simplest case you only travel with a good backpack and also a small Day Pack. For trekking and climbing in the Andes it is necessary to minimize your bundle weight to about 15Kg, this to the porters, pack animals or your own back is not overloaded.

Health. The great differences in altitude and climate is a good physical condition is very important. We provide a first aid kit for the group. Some trips can be exhausting and we may be faced with extremely low temperatures of -30 in the month of June. It is important to adjust to some unexpected situations such as poor roads, low or very high temperatures, etc.

Recommended vaccinations. DT Polio, Typhoid, Hepatitis A and B – for the rider, yellow fever. There is a small chance that rising malaria in the Amazon area, please take Lariam. Malaria tablets. The vast majority of tourists to Bolivia have no need to take malaria tablets because they can not travel to a malaria zone. There are a number of malaria in lowland areas of Bolivia, but this is usually to the border of Brazil and Paraguay in remote areas that tourists rarely visit. There are no reported cases of malaria in Rurrenabaque for more than a decade. It’s a personal decision if you take malaria tablets or not, but the risk of getting the disease in the area is very low. There are plenty of mosquitoes in the area and they can carry other diseases such as dengue fever and so you should always cover up and take a good mosquito repellent.

Personal first aid kit. (On each trip is a first aid box with you) Your basic medicines, vitamin C and multi-vitamins, pain killers: Aspirin, Lomotil against diarrhea + something against infections. antibiotics such as ampicillin or tetracycline (8 days worth of treatment with a medical prescription), anti-inflammatory cream, oogzuivering, water purification tablets or iodine, elastic bandages and tape, several sticky patches + gauze, disinfectant, double skin patches (protection against The blisters, available from pharmacies), treatment of influenza, throat lozenges, sun cream, calamine lotion (for sunburn and bites).

Protection of the environment. The ecological balance in the areas we pass through is very fragile. The constant presence of people, if limited, causing rapid damage. On our tours, every traveler independently responsible for protecting the visiting area. Protecting the environment and the Earth affects us all !!!!! We will do everything to make the smallest possible footprint to leave the areas we pass through.

Guides. “El Mundo Verde Travel ‘only works with Bolivian guides. In most cases, these bilingual guides – unless otherwise stated in the program – with a great knowledge of culture and history.

Trips and nature of changes to the route. By unpredictable weather conditions or group desires, our circuits are changed. We expect total flexibility to our “a la carte” or tailor made tours in comparison with the already established travel before departure. A decision to change must be taken by the guide and accepted by all members. Some adjustments in rates can occur.

Hotels. The number of the stars of the proposed hotels will be shown in the program. The hotel has double rooms and bathrooms, breakfast included (unless otherwise indicated. Hotels are given based on availability when the tour is confirmed. 
 In the event of unavailability, a hotel of same category are recorded. Warning: the hotel brands do not match those of Europe / USA. Accommodations with local host. The best available on any route. Sometimes very basic, without showers, but Always a warm welcome.

Meals. Good food, typical of the region. In the cities, food served in local restaurants. There is an opportunity to have lunch on long trips.

Respect cultural differences. Local customs and traditions are often different than ours. Take the time to learn what normal use and which not. Ask permission before taking a picture of a person. Take time to learn a few words of Spanish. It is greatly appreciated and is a good introduction to interact with the locals.