About Bolivia

A journey through Bolivia is a journey through the diverse and wonderful country once ruled by the mighty empire of the Incas, with its mysterious Amazonian forest, the land of the Andes, the longest mountain range in the world with its mighty snow-capped peaks and active volcanoes, the country with deeply rooted culture and ancient tribes, customs and rituals.El Mundo Verde Travel  This is the land of the pure untouched nature. Bolivia ranks sixth as the country with greatest diversity in birds, eighth in reptiles, tenth in mammals and eleventh in higher plants. Even without coastal scenery, Bolivia is a member of a select club of countries which offer a sampling of most of the natural riches of the entire world. In fact, the country is blessed with a great variety of ecosystems such as tropical forests, Andean mountains, valleys, pampas, Chaco , Pantanal etc. Bolivia has more than 30 ethnic groups and sits on top of the most biodiverse countries in the world. One can find nowhere on earth a country with so much elevation as in Bolivia, from below 300 meters to 6000 meters above sea level. Go on a journey through this very beautiful paradise, spectacular, unforgettable and unique in the world.                                                          The history of Bolivia, characterized by the systematic plundering of the wealth of the country by a handful of foreign multinationals, has evolved, slowly but surely, a painful process. But Bolivia is more than other countries in Latin America managed to preserve a rare authenticity, and travelers who come here definitely experienced something unique: a wealth of people and cultures, a concert of colors, hard and soft climate.El Mundo Verde Travel Therefore, it is easy to love Bolivia. It’s one of those countries at the end of the earth that is an ode to adventure, the reallife encounters, and the unforeseen events that so often our best memories remain – once you’re home! Bolivia is the country where everything is possible and everything is uncertain, in other words a great adventure! Come to Bolivia, embark on adventures and let me share my passion with you!

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