1 Day Salt Flats motorcycle tour – Uyuni

  • 1 day tour. Start 9:30 a.m. And returning about 5:30 p.m.
  • Unforgettable way for motorcycles.
  • Frequency, Most days. With reservation (March to December).
  • Type route, gravel hard pack, salt flat.
  • Climate cold.
  • Suggestions, Comfortable clothes-Extra money-sun glasses -camera and sun block.
  • Bikes to choose from: Honda 250 c.c. Honda XR400 c.c. Honda Falcon NX 400 c.c. Suzuki DR650c.c.

This is an amazing experience to ride on this unforgetable landscape. The  beautiful Salar de Uyuni is 12000 km2. (4.085 square miles) the world’s largest salt flat. Riding across it on a motorcycle is a very moving and humbling experience. This tour is available only during the dry season, when the salt flats are not covered in water.

We start our day by riding 3km out of town to the train cemetery. Here we can make great pictures. From here it is onto Colchane a salt processing town, and have a chance to buy some souvenirs made completely from salt.  From here we will enter the great salt flats for a spectacular ride!!

Next stop the salt hotel at Playa Blanca and a photo next to the flags. Another 80km and we arrive at the fish island or as the locals call it Incahausi. This is a true oasis, covered with giant columnar cacti. Some are over a thousand years old. We explore the island taking photos then take our lunch at Mongos restaurant. After we head back across the salt flats to our office in Uyuni and end the tour.


  • Driver’s license for motorcycle.
  • Personal travel insurance that covers you for this type of activity.
  • Agreement and signature on risk document.


  • Basic equipment (jacket, helmet, boots and gloves).
  • Adventure guide.
  • Fuel for the bike.
  • Basic third party insurance SOAT personal.
  • Bikes to choose from: Honda XR400c.c.Honda Falcon NX 400 c.c. Suzuki DR650c.c


  • Meals, on the route ( midday lunch).
  • All entrance-fees for museums and parks.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Damage insurance for the motorcycle. $500 excess.


Group sizes are generally small making it easy for the guide to look after everyone easily. Maximum group size is 5 for this tour.