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Testimonial Toro toro

  • Al & Lois Moore
  • Australia

We still have to agree with you Remy, that when it comes to SCENERY,  there wasn’t that much in the other 3 countries that was able to compare with the consistently beautiful and colourful scenery of Bolivia!  It really did have it all, and it was also amazing how the scenery was so constantly changing as you wound your way around those steep and winding dusty roads!

Bolivia really is the big “secret” that so many travellers just don’t realise what it has to offer.  And Torotoro National Park is one of the best places to see this – we just loved the countryside we were able to see and hike around there.  The dramatic sandstone & mudstone ranges with the sedementary layers twisted upwards at crazy angles.  The brilliant mineral colours turning the hills into a rainbow of colours!   The many caves and caverns which are so amazingly photogenic – yep, it was a fantastic landscape.

Should also say how much we enjoyed seeing all the sites that had the dinasaur foot-prints.  I don’t imagine that we would ever see again in any other country just so many HUNDREDS of these foot-prints preserved in such as relatively small area.  And the sheer size of many of them blew us away too, as well as the fact that you could get right up to them and touch them and even walk all over them.  I’m sure Bolivia is unique in allowing such a close-up appreciation of them!  Quite an amazing experience.

The deep and very dark cave of Umajalanta Cavern that we spent several hours exploring – with just little head-torches to see with – was an unbelievable experience too! – perhaps not one that us “oldies” would be anxious to repeat as that caving experience was a real challenge for us and a scary one at that! – but we felt pretty proud to have managed it even if we wouldn’t try it again!  More for the younger tourists to enjoy there though.

And finally Remy, we must say something about the great bonus it was for us to be doing all that sightseeing with someone like yourself who was so obviously “in love” with the whole country of Bolivia!  Your enthusiasm and friendliness and sheer enjoyment of it all just shone out, and was so infectious that your enthusiasm couldn’t help but rub off on us both too!   (And you must also pass on our thanks to Felix who also proved extremely helpful, and knowledgable about the whole area of Torotoro).

So once again it was a pleasure to have met and travelled with you as our guide, and we do hope – and are completely confident –  that your own Travel business is going from strength to strength!

Thanks for the great memories!

With kind regards

Lois & Alistair Moore

  • Robbert Greiff and David Bell
  • United states

Remy is in love with Bolivia—its landscape, its people, its music, its languages.  Scraping through caverns and huffing up steep canyons, his love of the land draws you in.  We expressed interest in some of the music, and he promptly arranged an impromptu charango session with some of the locals—and danced longer than anyone.  Tour guides usually know the sites, but are rarely in awe of them.  From a practical point of view, this was important as a tourist.  His example and generosity often kept us going when things became uncomfortable, as they always do at some point, when you are on an “adventure.”


  • Julia and Claudia Abshoff
  • Germany
Remy, if anybody is going to plan a trip to Bolivia, we will highly recommend your tour company, we really enjoyed our time with you! Thank you so much for the fotos!
Take care,
Julia and Claudia
  • Bastiaan and Tanja
  • Belgium

“Great experience!”

We did 2 trips with this travel company, each time leaving from Cochabamba.
The first trip was a 2-day trip to Villa Tunari, in order to watch birds on the watch birds on the way and to visit the Carrasco national park. The Dutch owner of the travel agency, Remy, was doing another tour at that moment so he sent a Bolivian guide who was really nice. The road from Cochabamba to Villa Tunari was an adventure itself, so we were happy that we didn’t have to drive ourselves and had a save driver. The landscapes were very nice. From Cochabamba to Villa Tunari, you have to cross a pass of 3650m and descend to Villa Tunari (250m), so you cross a variety of landscapes and have the possibility of seeing a broad spectrum of birds, mammals, other animals, plants, etc. The first day, we spent doing the descent to Villa Tunari at our own pace (stopping to take pictures, doing walks and a visit to Incachaca). The second day, we got up really early to visit the Carrasco national park where we saw some very special birds, including the rare Andean Cock-of-the-Rock and the Amazonian Umbrellabird. These birds can be seen quite easily in this park in the early morning, so make sure that you are there on time! In the afternoon we also visited the caves where we saw Oilbirds and bats. Here, we were accompanied by an extra guide from the national park, Julian, who is a really nice guy and knows really a lot about the birds living in this area. If you would go there, you should definitely ask for him. In the late afternoon, we drove back to Cochabamba. If you love nature, I would really recommend this trip.
The second trip was a trip to Toro Toro during 3 days. This time Remy was our driver and guide. Before leaving for Bolivia, he was really helpful in helping us to plan our trip and giving a lot of good information. And in real life, he turned out to be a really nice and helpful guy too. Again, we started from Cochabamba and the road was even more challenging. The first day we did some speleology, which was really nice. The second day, we visited the mountains and in the afternoon, we did a brand new walk to the ‘Nido de los Condores’, in order to see condors. Unfortunately, it was raining and we didn’t see any condors. We had more luck the next day, when we visited a look-out and saw condors and red fronted macaws! The last day we also saw uncountable dinosaur footprints! I would also recommend the Toro Toro, because of the nice landscapes in the area, the dinosaur footprints, the wildlife (although you can see more at the Villa Tunari trip) and the fact that Toro Toro is a nice Bolivian village that hasn’t been spoiled too much by foreign tourists.
The El mundo verde travel agency is also recommended as the owner, Remy, is very helpful (and he is not too pushy to sell you something), honest and correct.