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Guide: Remy van den Bergremy-elmundoverdebolivia

Remy van den Berg is from The Netherlands but has called Bolivia home for the past 9 years and has been guiding for the past 5 years. His passions are being outdoors, rafting, climbing, biking, and spending time with his wife and two sons. He speaks Dutch, English, and Spanish fluently.

Remy says about visiting Bolivia: “For me Bolivia is the best and most stunning country in the world. It would be an amazing pleasure to take you on our adventures through this wonderland!!! Hidden Inca cities, Andean mountains, Amazon Rainforests and much more. Hope to see you soon!!!”

*Please note that this tour may be guided by another local guide, always providing a genuine approach to the local culture.

Guide: Ariel Flores Mercadoariel-bolivia

Born and raised in Cochabamba, Ariel is one of these cultivated and energetic Bolivians who loves his job when it comes to showing off the beauties of his homeland to foreigners.

Since he loves to travel, meet new people and get to know other cultures, since he was a kid he knew he wanted to work in the tourism industry. But he wasn’t specifically looking forward to being a Guide. It was while studying a degree in Tourism that he had his first encounter with this job, when he got an offer from the college director to be the guide for a small group of travelers.

Ariel loved it so much that he decided to become an Official Guide and he’s been doing it for 8 years now with no intention of changing. “Every day, every traveler is different and that’s what makes this work so special”, he says.
During the journeys with travelers he often likes to teach them to dance to Bolivian music!During his free time, Ariel likes to practice sports. He plays soccer and swims, and he also loves extreme sports.

Juan Carlos-bolivia

Guide: Juan Carlos

Dear travellers, my name is Juan carlos “JC” I am from Cochabamba, Bolivia.
I am a passionate and very enthausiastic guide who loves and gives his life to show and speak about how beautiful and wonderfull life is. God has given us, the amazing, multibiodiverse natural wonder, located in Bolivia.
I am 100% K’ochalo, adventurer and full of energy guiding seventeen years now, enjoying and sharing a lot the social and cultural traditions with foreign clients. I can speak Quechua, Spanish and English.
My wife and I have two children and they are the reason for everything, we have a great family.
Hope to see you on one of the adventures with El Mundo Verde Travel.

*Please note that this tour may be guided by another local guide, always providing a genuine approach to the local culture.